Purchasing Department

Sole Source for Exemption from Contract

The information below must be incorporated into your departmental justification letter when requesting authority to make a Sole Source for Exemption from Contract purchase.

Submit a justification in sufficient detail so that a person not familiar with the situation could be expected to understand the need to forego the normal purchasing procedure. The justification should be typed and signed by the principal investigator. The Purchasing Department will not consider a sole source letter from the vendor as the primary justification, but may use this letter as additional information when considering the request.

Consider the following questions when preparing the justification for a Sole Source for Exemption from Contract purchase

  • What is the contract price for a comparable product?  
  • Is the quality level equal to or better than that on contract?
  • Have all applicable costs been included in the evaluation?
  • What is the primary reason for purchasing this product from a vendor other than our contract vendor?