Purchasing Department

Sole Source Justification Requirements

In accordance with University policy, any requisition totaling $15,000 or more that has not been competitively bid must be accompanied by a sole source justification.  All sole source transactions are subject to review and audit by internal audit, state examiners, and other governing agencies.

A sole source justification cannot be based on price. State of Alabama law requires price considerations be evaluated by competitive bid only.  A sole source purchase must be based on the requestor’s investigation and evaluation that the requested product, repair part(s), upgrade, or accessory item(s) and its availability (or lack of availability) is from only one source.  The sole source justification  must be completed and signed by the requesting faculty member, PI, or researcher.  The Purchasing Department is vested with the authority to approve a sole source purchase.

The links below will direct you to requirements that are necessary for each sole source.