Purchasing Department

Procedures for Purchasing T-Shirts and Novelties

State of Alabama Bid Law

The State of Alabama Bid Law states that any request for like or similar products and/or services which total $15,000 or more must be competitively bid.  The University is considered one entity by State Law, therefore, purchase requests for like or similar items that cumulatively total $15,000 or more within a fiscal year period are subject to bid. 


A standing contract has been established for t-shirts.  This contract includes options such as long sleeve, short sleeve, pocket, no pocket, printing on one side, printing on two sides; number of colors used in the artwork, etc.

A standing contract is also available for Comfort Colors t-shirts.

Contact Jana Weaver for vendor information and special instructions for pricing.  (8-3954 or jweaver@fa.ua.edu)


  • Estimate the items you can anticipate ordering in a fiscal year.  Include the items for “general use”, such as pens, pencils, you give to anyone visiting your office, etc. (Items not for a specific event.)
  • In the estimate, also include items for specific events you have planned throughout the year. 
  • If you can anticipate purchasing $15,000 or more in a fiscal year as a result of your estimate for the general use and specific events, a bid is required.
  • A standing contract can be established if you are unsure about quantities you may need.  Establishing a standing contract allows you to order, for example, 10, 000 pens; later you decide you need 10,000 more.  The bid will allow you to order these additional quantities without the necessity of repeating the bid process.
  • Unanticipated items during the year will require a bid if the amount of the request is $15,000 or more.
  • Orders for unanticipated items cannot be submitted separately to avoid the bid process.
  • Orders cannot be split between purchase orders and Pcard to avoid bidding
  • Regardless of the number of logos and items, orders being placed at the same time period and a combined total of over $15,000 are subject to bid. 
  • Logos are either purely graphic (symbols/icons) or are composed of the name of the organization alone or with graphics. 

CLC Licensed Vendors

Vendors that supply or may supply products to the University that include a University logo or insignia must obtain an Internal Campus Supplier License.  This license allows vendors to produce products for University departments and groups; this license does not allow the vendor to sell products to any other entity or individual. For more information on licensed vendors and department policy please visit: http://www.rolltide.com/licensing/campus-departments.html

If the company you would like to use is not licensed, please instruct them that they must do so before you can place an order.  Please forward them to the page below:

Questions concerning Licensing
Please direct questions concerning licensing to Cole Price, Director of Trademark Licensing, 205-348-9691, cprice@ia.ua.edu