Purchasing Department

Banner Purchasing System

Any purchase request for $5,000 or more must be submitted to the appropriate buyer by processing a purchase requisition using the Banner Purchasing system.  (Note:  Requisitions for less than $5,000 may be created in Banner when the vendor does not accept p-card or requires a hard-copy purchase order.)
Upon receipt of a purchase requisition, if the buyer cannot reasonably anticipate purchasing like or similar items that cumulatively total $15,000 or more in a fiscal year period, the following guidelines will be followed:

$5,000 - $14,999 If not available on an existing contract or State contract, one written quotation must be obtained and submitted with an approved purchase requisition.

$15,000 or more will require a formal competitive bid.


  • Products or services available on existing standing contracts or State contracts.
  • Products or services exempt from bid due to unique features/functions which classify the product or service as incapable of being bid; a unique product or service that is available from only one source; an addition to existing equipment; repair of existing equipment.

Training is required to obtain access to the Banner Purchasing system.  Please refer to our training information website for upcoming training opportunities.

Click here to download or print the Banner Training Manual.