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from the Associate Director for Purchasing

Posted December 1, 2014

The Purchasing Department currently has two bids for t-shirts. If you plan to purchase t-shirts as a promotional item, please be sure you are using one of the contract vendors. The bids are awarded based on the brand of t-shirt you are purchasing. If you are not sure which brand you’d like to purchase, you may get quotes from both companies to assist in your decision. Ad-Wear and Specialty of Texas has the contract for Comfort Color shirts and Will Enterprises has the contract for Hanes and Gildan shirts. If you are looking for another brand or have any questions, please contact Jana Weaver, jweaver@fa.ua.edu or 205-348-3954.

Also, remember all artwork needs to be approved through Cole Price, Director of Trademarks and Licensing prior to any promotional items, including t-shirts, being purchased. All contract vendors are CLC Licensed.  If you are purchasing any promotional items that are not currently under contract, you will need to use a CLC Licensed vendor. More information can be found here.



Posted October 4, 2014

Do you know how Moving & Relocation allotments work?  How about which moving costs are reimbursable?

Each department determines an allotment amount for new employees that can be used for moving expenses.  That allotment amount covers household, office and laboratory relocation costs (including up to 30 consecutive days of storage).  After final moving costs, if there is money left within the allotment amount, an MDV can be completed to reimburse for out of pocket moving expenses such as:  pre-moving travel, lodging and meals (house hunting trip after accepted job offer); travel, lodging and meals during the move and temporary quarters & meals after move to Tuscaloosa area.  These expenses are not allowable on the P-Card.

However, please be advised that unused allotment money is not refunded to the new employee.  If you have any questions, please contact Gieva’ Patton, gpatton@fa.ua.edu, 205-348-6506.


Posted September 24, 2014

As our fiscal year end approaches, Purchasing is beginning to see an increase in requests for purchase orders and bid requests.  We have over 200 approved contracts that may be utilized to address last minute needs.  Our staff can assist in bidding any last minute items as well.  Fiscal year 2014 funds may be encumbered up to the close of business on September 30, 2014.  All orders that are anticipated to be received and invoiced before September 30, 2014 must be ordered using 2014 funds.  Please remember our staff is ready to assist you with your purchasing needs during the last month of this fiscal year.


Posted August 5, 2014

Each football season, the University campus comes to life on home game Saturdays. Thousands of fans come from all over the country to cheer on the Crimson Tide. To support such an influx of visitors, it takes a great deal of preparation from several departments.
Our department is involved in implementing many contracts that ensure the Quad tailgating experience is comfortable, memorable and most importantly, fun. These contracts range from tent rentals and event activities to golf cart transportation, electrical supply, and waste disposal. Most of these contracts can also be used for non-football game activities, as well. Information about these contracts can be found on our website or by contacting our office.


Posted July 6, 2014

If your purchase falls into the category of a sole source, we no longer require that you complete a form. A detailed justification letter is required with your quote. For complete directions for a sole source, go to our Purchasing website. If you have questions please contact the buyer for the commodity you want to purchase.


Posted June 4, 2014

Due to certain restrictions and regulations that are in place concerning use of Two Way Radios ("walkie talkies") and Accessories, departments are instructed to contact Patrick Sexton in the Purchasing Department for guidance in placing orders for approved products. Patrick will take your information and connect your department to the University specialist that oversees all Two Way Radio and Accessory purchases, FCC Licensing, and Two Way Radio Communications to ensure the products will perform as needed and the signals will not interfere with other systems on campus.


Posted May 4, 2014

How do I charter a bus for my group or team?

The Purchasing Department has a contract for charter bus services. Our charter bus contract vendors must meet certain safety standards, insurance requirements, bus and bus driver qualifications and specifications to ensure travel safety for UA groups. If a department or group needs a charter bus, contact Jennifer Patrick to request the Charter Bus Request form. Once the completed Excel form has been returned to Jennifer via email, she will use the given information to obtain quotes from the contract vendors. The department or group will be notified of the lowest quote for the charter. 


Posted April 5, 2014

The University has a Professional Moving and Relocation Services contract for new faculty and staff. Departments moving new faculty and staff should complete a Request for Estimate of Moving Services form. The form must be completed for faculty and staff members who decide to move themselves, as well. Please send completed forms to Gieva' Patton.
Faculty and staff members who elect to move themselves can be reimbursed for moving expenses. Original receipts for those expenses are to be attached to a completed Miscellaneous Disbursement Voucher and submitted to Accounts Payable. If you have any questions, please contact Gieva' Patton at 205-348-6506.


Posted March 5, 2014


The Purchasing Department is responsible for identifying, bidding, awarding and managing over 200 standing contracts with various vendors across a wide range of commodities. We have contracts in place for everything from office supplies to scientific supplies and even portable bathroom trailers for use on football Saturdays here on campus. The buying staff works diligently to find better ways to procure items needed on campus for research, teaching, general office use and to maintain the buildings and grounds on The University of Alabama campus.

We use a combination of contracts that are bid by our office, bids established by the state, and bids available for our use that were established by Group Purchasing Organizations or Purchasing Cooperatives. The flexibility provided by these different options allows our buying staff to strategically source different commodities. 

The buying staff also negotiates with vendors to obtain better pricing and, in some cases, more favorable terms and conditions on contracts. These negotiations often go unseen by campus, but result in substantial savings for the University each year. As an example, last week, a University department had a pump in need of repair. They obtained a quote and were ready to proceed with the repair. A member of the buying staff contacted the vendor and after some negotiation, obtained a savings of over $4,000.00 on this repair. 

We are proud of all our buying staff accomplishes to support the mission of The University of Alabama, its faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

Posted February 10, 2014

Please note the web address for Staples has changed. Be sure to use the new link, http://Order.staplesadvantage.com, as the stapleslink.com website is no longer active.  If you have any questions please contact Jana Weaver at jweaver@fa.ua.edu or 348-5230.


Posted January 6, 2014

The University Purchasing Department has a contract with Home Depot for in-store and online purchases. Any building supply items available at Home Depot may be purchased under this contract. When making your purchase, check out at the Pro Desk in the store to use your P-Card. If you cannot find your item in the store, check Home Depot's website. If the item is available on their website, contact Robin Schmitt at rschmitt@fa.ua.edu in Purchasing for the tax exempt account number before placing your order. The item can be ordered and shipped to your department or to the store.