Purchasing Department

Procedures for Relocation of Household Goods for New Employees

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This process must begin as soon as the new employee has accepted their position so everything is in place when they are ready to move.

  1. The University department funding the new employee's relocation will provide the Purchasing Department with the new or current employee's relocation information by completing the Request for Estimate of Moving Services form.

  2. The Purchasing Department will transmit the new employee's relocation information to the University’s contract vendor, and authorize the preparation of a written guaranteed price estimate.

  3. The Purchasing Department will send the new employee a letter explaining the contract.

  4. The exclusive booking agent for the contract will arrange for an on-site inspection of the employee's household goods so the guaranteed price estimate can be prepared.  Copies of the price estimate will be sent to the new employee and the Purchasing Department.

  5. An estimated price is given for a complete service move including all containers, packing, unpacking and services needed. The exclusive booking agent will arrange to meet the new employee to view all required items that may be moved.  The price estimate is guaranteed provided that the new employee does not make any changes such as adding items or services.  If the actual move costs less than the estimated price, the University and/or the new employee will only be responsible for the actual cost.

  6. Upon receipt of the estimated price by the Purchasing Department, a copy will be sent to the funding department for review and approval.

  7. The funding department will transmit the purchase requisition authorizing the Purchasing Department to issue a purchase order for the University's portion of the relocation cost.

  8. The Purchasing Department must issue a University of Alabama purchase order to the moving company prior to the scheduled day of pickup to officially authorize the move.

  9. The invoice(s) for the University's portion of the relocation cost will be mailed to the Purchasing Department. Invoice(s) will be evaluated based on the Bill of Lading, the University's contract and the Commercial Household Relocation Tariff prior to payment.

  10. If the new employee has been given an allotment and the cost of the move is over the allotment, the new employee is responsible for paying the difference directly to the moving company.  The moving company is responsible for obtaining a credit card authorization prior to the move.